One of the reasons why chiropractic care has often been put on the fringes of the medical industry is because of the way it often deals with health problems that are not fully verifiable. There are many medical conditions that doctors cannot see evidence of that patients will complain if. The patient will describe the condition and their symptoms, but when the doctor investigates, they will see no sign that there is a problem.

In some cases, the doctor will give the patients a sugar pill or placebo and tell them to do some light exercise. They don’t believe the patient and send them on their way none the wiser. Other doctors will tell their patients that they don’t believe them and send them off without any real answer for their problem. Others still will try to investigate further and look as long as they can for evidence of a problem.

Chiropractors has a reputation for treating patients with condition that cannot be empirically proven, such as those who claim to be suffering from headaches or fibromyalgia. There is lots of contention in the medical sector as to whether fibromyalgia is even a real condition, as trying to determine any evidence of it can be frustrating.

In these modern times where patients will often look up their symptoms online and try to find an answer to bring to the doctor, it’s easy for doctors to dismiss what they are saying as nonsense and poorly-researched information. Even headaches are not always based on verifiable data, and could be caused by any number of problems that doctors cannot easily identify.

About 10% of all chiropractic patients claim to suffer from fibromyalgia or headaches. They may have been turned away by doctors or sent by doctors specifically to chiropractors for treatment. Some doctors believe that chiropractors can treat conditions that the medical doctors are unable to, while others believe that chiropractic care is not real medicine. Many times, chiropractors will be left to treat these unproven and dismissed conditions because some patients feel like they have no one else who will treat them or believe them.

These conditions only account for a small portion of chiropractic treatment at facilities like Greenville chiropractor , but chiropractors often do recognize that they have a unique position, and that it is their responsibility to help the patients that doctors are either unwilling to help or unable to.