bottles-of-aromatic-oilHow to apply essential oils? The use of these oils isn’t overwhelming and quite simple. There are three basic ways in which essential oils are generally applied or used – inhalation, internal consumption or topical application. But before applying essential oil, you need to understand that not everyone can be used in each of these methods of applications.

To know exactly how an essential oil is used, you need to understand the properties of the oil itself, as they are quite volatile. To be safe, it is also better to ask a doctor or an expert if you are not sure how a particular oil is applied. However, generally, essential oils can be applied following these three methods:

Inhalation of essential oils can heighten your senses and trigger positive responses in the body. Several techniques can be used to inhale essential oils. You can simply directly smell the essential oil or you can diffuse the oil using a diffuser. You can get more information about this at

In the latter method, the oil is dispersed in the air as a micro-fine vapor and with the right kind of diffuser you can take full advantage of the benefits of the oil. You can also use a humidifier filled with water with cloth or tissue sprinkled with essential oils.

The next method is topical application where the oils are applied directly onto the skin. The essential oils have to be first diluted with carrier oil or as indicated before it is applied. This protects your skin to any possible sensitivities or side effects.

You can apply the essential oil directly to your skin without dilution but it depends on the oil. You should do a patch test first to be sure. As for internally using essential oils, know that not oils can be used internally and not all people should use it this way. When ingesting essential oils, it is better to start taking only one to see how to see how it works.

If you have to ingest a few drops, a good idea is to take 15 to 90 minutes apart to take them than all at once. You should also limit your daily drops to no more than 10 to 25 and be very careful on taking certain oils.