One beautiful, cozy night you decide it´s time to go to sleep. You change into your jammies, brush your teeth, and tuck into bed alongside your wife. You immediately fall asleep, leaving this material world behind and venture into immense dreams.  The next morning, your wife tells you how horrible it sounded, almost like lawnmowing in the middle of the night (your snoring of course). You think it´s only a one-time deal but are mistaken. Time has gone by, but your snoring persists. Each morning is the same routine, you get, and a comment from your wife awaits as you leave the bed. You decide to look into the subject to try and stop snoring for good. If you find yourself with snoring issues and wish to quit, please visit

Snoring is no easy thing to stop doing, nor will you stop it from one day to the next. If you are looking to end, here is what you can do.

Calm your snoring by following these steps

  • Change you sleeping position – Sleeping on your back causes your tongue to slide back and collide with the back of your throat, creating a vibrating sound (snore) when one is asleep. The simple solution, sleep on your side to possibly help ease this issue. You can also get your hands on a full-length body pillow that helps you accommodate into a side sleeping position eIndulgingr.
  • Lose weight – Losing weight is a benefactor for many issues, it is recommended to drop even if you´re not snoring, keeping yourself healthy in the process. If you´ve gained weight, the chances are that your neck has also increased in size, squeezing the diameter of your throat, making it easier to collapse during sleep and causing you to start snoring.
  • Avoid contact with alcohol – Alcohol can substantially increase how you saw wood at night. Alcohol and other sedatives attribute to decreasing the resting tone in your throat muscles, causing snoring. Indulging some delicious, relaxing juice four to five hours before going to bed will make snoring even more aggressive. People who do not regularly drink, tend to saw logs after drinking a cup or two.
  • Good sleep – Poor sleeping habits can the same effects on you as drinking alcohol, snoring. Working for hours without a good sleep routine, means you are overtiring yourself. When you hit the sack, your throat muscles are also tired, meaning it is easier for them to collapse and for you to begin snoring.
  • Open nasal passageways – If you feel you snoring starts with your nose, then it is recommended to open them up. Imagine a squeezing a garden hose, water rushes through. The same applies to your nose, if your nose is clogged then air will rush through, opening them let the air flow a lot slower and smoother, not causing a snoring effect. The way to open them up is by taking a hot shower, and also rinsing with a bottle of salt water, maximizing the declogging effect.

If all the above fails, then remember to seek professional help. For more information take a look at this video.